We are a volunteer-run organization and are always happy to have more volunteers. We have committees that you can read about below in case you're interested in specific kinds of work you'd like to volunteer for. 

If you’re interested, you can stop by, email us at volunteer@lavenderlibrary.com, or fill out the application at http://bit.ly/llacevolunteerapp, or fill out the application below.



3rd Thursdays at 7pm

Support Lavender Library's collection needs! Help us with overseeing the collection and the “A” in LLACE (archives), as well as obtaining new items for the library, cataloguing, zines and periodicals, etc.


2nd Mondays at 6pm

Support Lavender Library's communications needs! Help us with website, marketing, social media, newsletter, and content creation.


2nd Thursdays at 6pm

Support Lavender Library's engagement needs! Help us recruitment and retention of volunteers, internships with the library, board development, and engaging our members with mixers.

events & Outreach

4th Wednesdays at 5pm


Support Lavender Library's events and outreach needs! Help us with building partnerships with other organizations, media promotion, event coordination, programming, and more fun, fulfilling work.


1st Tuesdays at 6:30pm


Support Lavender Library's fundraising needs! Help us with obtaining funding for the library to continue to serve the community through a variety of means, including merch, campaigns, grants, and donations.


4th Tuesdays at 7:00pm


Support Lavender Library's operation needs! Help us with curating our physical space to be more aesthetic and inclusive, developing security (physical and cyber) and managing library circulation operations.