About us


The Lavender Library is an all-volunteer-run lending library, archive and community space with LGBTQ+ books, films and more.



The Lavender Library creates a queer & trans community with:

  • LGBTQ+ literature & media

  • a sober, all ages, inclusive space

  • community events

  • peer support groups

  • & more



We are a hub of learning and connection for Sacramento’s LGBTQ+ community.


LLACE envisions a safe, inclusive, and supportive LGBTQ+ community in the Sacramento region.



  • We value inclusivity - creating a safe and accessible place for all people to be comfortable in, allowing honesty and authenticity.

  • We value community - connecting people and organizations, building relationships and partnerships, providing space and support for events.

  • We value social justice - taking a stand to support non-dominant populations and historically marginalized groups (specifically QPOC), promoting nonviolent resistance, awareness and activism

  • We value LGBTQ+ stories - local, national, and international history, books and magazines, video and audio recordings, oral histories, storytelling, archives

our Board of directors:

me 3_edited.jpg
Board of Director, Alej a person wearing a wide brimmed hat and wild patterns on their clothing.
Nancy, Board Vice President, is a woman kneeling in front of a Lavender Library booth at a local outreach event

Elena Carrillo

Alej Fernandez Garcia


Board Member

Nancy McKernan

Board Member, Operations Committee Chair

Cindy, Board member and Lavender Library Treasurer (a woman with short brown hair and a pink long sleeve shirt on) restocking books at LLACE.
Eddie, a palestinian man with a beard and gingham shirt on sits in front of ivy with a coffee cup.

Cindy Baudion


Board Member, Treasurer

Eddie Suboh

any pronouns
Board Member

Elise, board member, a white woman with a short haircut and big octagon glasses stands in front of a bush.
Lenix, board member, is a white person with a short faded haircut with thick glasses is standing in front of books.

Elise Weber


Board Member, Events & Outreach Committee Co-Chair

Lenix Pecikonis


Board Member, interim Communications Committee Co-chair

Erin, a board member, is a white person with a shot haircut and round dark glasses stands at the library.

Erin Mahoney


Vice President

Micheala, a board member, sits with her arm resting on the top. She has hair to her shoulders and is wearing a hat.

Michaela Payne

Board Member

Fundraising Committee interim co-chair

Image from iOS (21).jpg


Librarian Collection Committee Co-Chair