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About us


The Lavender Library is an all-volunteer-run lending library, archive and community space with LGBTQ+ books, films and more.



The Lavender Library creates a queer & trans community with:

  • LGBTQ+ literature & media

  • a sober, all ages, inclusive space

  • community events

  • peer support groups

  • & more



We are a hub of learning and connection for Sacramento’s LGBTQ+ community.


LLACE envisions a safe, inclusive, and supportive LGBTQ+ community in the Sacramento region.



  • We value inclusivity - creating a safe and accessible place for all people to be comfortable in, allowing honesty and authenticity.

  • We value community - connecting people and organizations, building relationships and partnerships, providing space and support for events.

  • We value social justice - taking a stand to support non-dominant populations and historically marginalized groups (specifically QPOC), promoting nonviolent resistance, awareness and activism

  • We value LGBTQ+ stories - local, national, and international history, books and magazines, video and audio recordings, oral histories, storytelling, archives

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