Lavender Library Archives & Cultural Exchange (LLACE)


The Lavender Library is managed entirely by a volunteer staff. We are very grateful and proud of the continued community involvement in our organization.

Here we introduce just a few of our volunteers...

Photo of our staffperson Alan.

Alan T. Watters, Circulation Volunteer & Cataloger

Name pronunciation: AL-an WATT-erz
Pronouns: He/Him/His

Grew up in Sacto. B.A. in English and Psychology. With LLACE since 2000. Likes reading, books, theater, films.

Photo of our staffperson Brenda

Brenda Hernandez, Circulation Volunteer & Cataloger

Name pronunciation: br-EH-n-DUH
Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Grew up in Wilmington, California. A proud Chicana who received her MA in History from UC Davis. She has a cat named Buffy and eats lots of tacos and Doritos.

Photo of our staffperson Chris

Christopher Kent, President

Name pronunciation: KRIS-tuh-fer KENT
Pronouns: He/Him/His

Chris Kent grew up in Fresno, CA, and has been living in Sacramento since August 2010. He received his B.A. and M.A. in History from Sacramento State. Chris has served as a Program Coordinator at Sacramento State's Centers for Diversity and Inclusion for four years. He primarily serves the LGBTQ+ community through the PRIDE Center, but has also supported the Women's Resource Center and the Multi-Cultural Center. He joined the LLACE board in Summer 2015, and became board president in January 2016. At the core of his values are social justice theories and practices, intersectional frameworks, and queer politics. His moral compass is the legacy of Sylvia Rivera's service to trans, homeless, people of color youth.

Contact Chris at

Photo of our staffperson Cindy

Cindy Baudoin, Treasurer

Born and raised in Lafayette, LA Cindy's family migrated to San Francisco in 1963. Cindy moved to Sacramento in 1987 and became involved with the LGBT community shortly thereafter. Cindy became aware of the efforts to collect and preserve our history through a friendship with Gayle Lange one of the founding members of LLACE. Cindy joined the Board in February 2012 and was given the position of Treasurer. Cindy has 47 years of accounting experience.

Contact Cindy at

Photo of our staffperson Elena Maria Carrillo

Elena Maria Carrillo, Volunteer Coordinator

Name pronunciation: eh-LEH-nuh mar-ee'-ah kah-ree-yo
Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Elena Maria Carrillo grew up in Southern California and moved to Sacramento from Riverside, CA in 2014. She brings with her experience in grassroots feminist organizing and working in a latino-centered public library. She is currently working to receive her Bachelor's in Women's Studies at Sacramento State. She joined the Lavender Library in February of 2016 and since has become a board member and volunteer coordinator. In her free time she enjoys qwoc rants, crafting, cooking and thrifting.

Contact Elena at

Photo of our staffperson Elise

Elise, Circulation Volunteer

Name pronunciation: i-LEES
Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

A Sacramento native, Elise joined LLACE as a volunteer in the summer of 2016 as a way to connect more with her local Queer community. She is a CSUS Social Work graduate who currently works in the special education field. Outside of work, passions include music, vintage fashion/movies, cooking, and taking care of cats (both feral and domesticated).

Photo of our staffperson CJ

Emmet C.J. Platenkamp, Webmaster

Name pronunciation: E-mit SEE JAY PLA-ten-KAMP
Pronouns: They/Them/Their

CJ is a queer, white, nonbinary transgender person from Davis, CA. They completed their baccalaureate at UC Davis in Film Studies, and minored in Gender, Sexuality, and Womxn's Studies. CJ has always found home among queer and trans people; they plan to do advocacy and community work for the rest of their life. CJ currently serves as the Lavender Library's webmaster and sits on the Board of Directors.

Contact CJ at

Photo of our staffperson Julia.

Julia Matsieva, Circulation Volunteer & Cataloger

Name Pronunciation: JOO-lee-uh MAT-see-E-vuh
Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Julia is a computer science phd student at UC Davis. Her roles at the library include quick-cataloging books, having debates about how to catalog books, sticking labels on things and generally being too addicted to Pokemon Go to properly do any of those other things.

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Leonard Keyes, Volunteer

Name pronunciation: LEN-ard KEES
Pronouns: He/Him/His

Handles online and by mail membership renewal notices.

Photo of our staffperson Nancy

Nancy McKernan, Vice President

A California native who has been an officer & board member since 2012. Works the circulation desk on Fridays and has a passion to serve the GLBT community. Moved to Sacramento in 1988 from San Jose and has a 33 year career in Telecommunications.

Contact Nancy at

Photo of our staffperson Trevor

Trevor Neeley, Intern Coordinator

Name pronunciation: TREH-ver KNEE-LEE
Pronouns: They/Them/Their

Trevor is a queer, fat, yt, millennial historian from the Great Central Valley of California. They have been volunteering at the Lavender Library since January of 2016. Trevor also serves as the Internship Coordinator at the LLACE. They love cats, Twitter, and rap music. In their spare time, Trevor likes to write, paint, play tennis, Act Up, DJ, and play Pokemon Go.

Contact Trevor at

Photo of our staffperson Vocheri

Vocheri (Vo) Thomas, Archives Volunteer

Name pronunciation: VOH-sher-EE
Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

A local native and lifelong bibliophile, Vocheri began volunteering with LLACE's Archives and Special Collections in October 2015. She is currently pursuing her undergraduate degree at CSUS and raising a fabulous and fierce four-year-old. Aside from delighting in her daughter, Vo enjoys gardening, sewing, and rocking socks off.

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