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Legends of Courage, Film Series

We are pleased to announce that Legends of Courage, a LLACE project led by Dawn Deason and her 3D Media Solutions team, has been awarded a 2016 California Humanities Community Stories award. This documentary film project weaves together stories of LGBT trailblazers who sought to claim basic civil rights and build a Sacramento region enriched by their contributions.

The grant enables 3D Media Solutions to complete post-production work
on a 30-minute documentary film featuring Sacramento attorney and
LGBT activist Rosemary Metrailer, scheduled to premiere Spring, 2017.

Having completed more than 20 interviews with LGBT community members and elected officials, the saga of Ms. Metrailer's contributions includes a successful lawsuit against Reverend Jerry Falwell and class action sex discrimination suit against McClellan Air Force Base on behalf of women employees. These civil rights accomplishments are woven into the backdrop of Sacramento's social and political context from the 1980s to the recent Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage.

Capturing and sharing these histories celebrate contributors not commonly recognized but whose advocacy was indispensable to the advancement of our movement. Providing general audiences with a window to earlier days of Sacramento's LGBT advocacy enriches understanding about the lives and achievements of fellow community members who wave the rainbow flag. The project also serves LGBT youth so they may find pride in this legacy and be inspired to continue the unfinished pursuit of equality.

Since 2003, California Humanities has granted more than $4 million to enable communities to document histories - many previously untold or little known. Through video, photography, murals, zines, theater, audio, and more, these collections have been shared with broad audiences, both live and virtual.

California Humanities, A state of open mind

This project was made possible with support from California Humanities,
an independent non-profit partner of the National Endowment for the Humanities.


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